About Almega Property Management


Almega is here to be your hands-on property management professionals. Our goal is to use our proven management methodologies to provide you with peace of mind, save you time and maximize your profits.

We believe investing should be hassle-free. Our service is priced to ensure that Almega is the most cost effective option in managing your investment property.


Almega Property Management was created in 2011 to manage our own portfolio of investment properties. First and foremost, we think like investors and understand what is required to ensure each investment is profitable. Where we can increase revenue or reduce expenses, we will do so. We have fixed A LOT of toilets, managed rowdy tenants, dealt with disrespectful neighbours, and almost memorized the Landlord / Tenant Act. We have also completed many renovations where we felt doing so would increase profits or improve the quality of tenant. Our expertise and diligence has grown our portfolio to $30M in assets with over $10M of our own capital invested in Toronto real estate.

By demonstrating our abilities in tackling nearly every issue imaginable, fellow investors began approaching us to help them with their investment properties. We also have trusted, licensed maintenance personnel on hand when necessary.

As fellow investors, we know what you’re looking to get out of your investment property.