Investment Strategy

While it may be true that no one has complete control of the real estate market, investors are not left to play a passive role when it comes to their capital. There are measures that can be taken to protect one's self against even the most unpredictable market changes, and Almega empowers investors against this very risk. 

The company is focused on maximizing investor security by building the ultimate diverse portfolio. Almega selects only those properties that possess a stable foundation of value and independent strength. By investing in such properties on a broad scale, both within and across asset classes, Almega minimizes the effect of a downswing in any single area of real estate, thus creating a steadfast formula for downside protection

Properties in or across asset classes (whether Multi-Unit Residential, Retail, Office or Industrial), must meet the Almega Acquisition Criteria in three respects; Geography, Operational Improvement, and Downside Protection.


Almega's property acquisition is limited to those that are in excellent geographic locations, but these decisions are also supported by data that truly matters: evaluation of the land, population demographics & psychographics, development trends, and the market.

Operational Improvement

Evaluating the potential in properties that are under-performing (by increasing revenue and minimizing expenses) is the difference between simply attaining value, and actively creating it.

Downside Protection

Intelligent property selection should be all-encompassing in the event of unforeseeable market challenges. That's precisely why Almega invests in properties whose downside protection is above average, providing an inherent form of insurance for investors, and a more stable foundation for the partnership.